I'm Rion Fletcher, a professional photographer, director, and storyteller based out of beautiful Los Angeles, CA. I began my journey into visual arts at a young age and eventually turned that passion into education at the University of Texas at Austin. After 4 rigorous years, and 30 short films I began a career as a freelance director and photographer. As a photographer my focus has been capturing fine art pieces with deep rooted meanings, and high end editorial fashion both in studio and in the streets. As a director I have focused on telling deeply true stories. Important stories. This is true both on a commercial and narrative sense. In the coming year you may find my latest film Monster popping up in the festival circuit, my series Separated streaming on digital platforms, and me tucked away writing and designing my next projects. I have been truly blessed to come from my background and be here today to tell stories. I hope to continue to grow as a storyteller and to continue to help small and large brands create attention grabbing content over the next years to come.

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